It looks like being back to work and having some kind of a social life means that I will mostly be posting the day after.

I have managed to forget my camera twice since I started or forgetting to take photos at all. Yesterday was on of those days. Fortunately, I took an unattractive and boring photo of my breakfast though.

I don’t think this needs a caption

My Saturday night consisted of me helping a friend who has her own Chinese take-away and she is feeder (like me). For lunch, we had pasta Chinese style – fusilli in tomato and egg broth and another dish of thinly sliced pork in a light batter coating and this was deep-fried before being cooked in a chilli capital sauce. For supper, we had chicken thigh pieces on the bone with potatoes cooked with dried chillies and Chinese five spice and stir fried cauliflower with fresh green chillies. Both meals were comforting home cooked Chinese meals.

Today, I vowed to get a run in as it has been 6 days since my last run and that’s a long gap for me. I had hoped to have got in at least one run in the week but as you now know, I hate wet, soggy feet. Anyway, Sunday was dry and crisp with blue skies. I did a decent 7km run so was pleased my stamina hadn’t dropped over the holidays. To be fair, I still went out for a run, even on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Afterwards, I had scrambled eggs (again) and two Heck pork sausages.


For dinner, my friend gave me some food, salt and chilli chicken and boiled rice with curry sauce. The salt and chilli dish is flavour-some with plenty onions and chillies. The curry sauce is very mild but gives a bit of sauce to the otherwise sauce-less dish.



My photos are pretty much what you see is what you get but that’s because I personally prefer photos that are real and raw with minimal setting up and editing. Just show me the food no matter how unattractive it may be perceived in this perfectly Instagram world we live in. For me, real food photos make me more hungry than many pretty photos of staged food.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and may Monday be kind to you!


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