It’s finally the weekend. This 3 day working week has felt just like a 5 day working week!

It has been raining constantly the last few days and I missed getting walking and running in and I reached a point where I didn’t want the rain to defeat me and so I decided it was a good idea to walk to a friend’s flat after work (she had invited me round for dinner). Google map told me it would take just over 2 hours to walk from work to her address. No problem. Thirty minutes walking in the heavy rain, being splashed by passing cars and my right boot thought it would be a good time to leak and I hate wet feet, I accepted defeat and jumped on a bus.

I reached my friend’s cosy and warm flat and she gave me nice dry comfy socks and a glass of red wine.  I also only then discovered that Friends is now on Netflix!

Anyway, on to dinner. My friend made her variation of a recipe from the man of the moment, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, Chilli Prawn Salad.


We had our version with broccoli and baby new potatoes. It was delicious and the seasoning was smoky and chilli but not hot or overpowering. The whole dish was really well seasoned and nice and healthy. Just the kind of food I want to eat right now. To finish off, we had one of my favourite supermarket desserts, Bonne Maman’s chocolate mousse. I had a lovely evening full of getting to know my friend and laughing as well. Great start to the weekend and made me forget about what a drenched rat I was earlier.


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