It’s the start of another year. I have had this blog for a couple of years now but I haven’t shared any content so I thought to get started I would do short and snappy posts on, what I love nothing more, food. To keep it simple, I’ll just post a photo or photos of what I ate that day for everyday this year. To keep it even simpler, I’ll only post meals rather than a pictorial diary of everything I eat in a day. The photos are going to be raw and real so no expectations of artistically taken creations!

I am hoping this will spur me on to write and post about my life and feel brave enough to share more in this infinite place we call “online”.

So here goes…

In Scotland, there are many traditions that take place on new year’s day such as, the “Loony Dook” where brave individuals jump and swim in the River Forth on the first day of the year. This is not a tradition that I have taken up but I do like the idea of serving steak pie on 1st January. Though not a tradition that I have been doing for many years, just the last few New Years and this is the first year that I have had a steak pie that I have well and truly enjoyed.

I decided to try Marks & Spencer’s puff pastry steak pie served with my own mashed potatoes (tatties) i.e. not ready-made, carrots and fine green beans.


I have to say, the mash I made was smooth with no lumps and made with milk and butter. For once, I ignored the pie’s nutritional details. There’s no point when it is a butter puff pastry pie filled with steak and gravy. The pie was the best steak pie I had ever eaten. I could taste the butter and I could tell vast quantities was used in that pastry! Filled with tender cubes of steak in a rich gravy. It was absolutely divine. Now, I love potatoes in any shape or form and mash usually is the best part of the dish if it’s in any meal but the mash was overshadowed by that pie.

Here’s a back-end picture with that buttery pastry:


It was a comforting start to the year, particularly as I am not a fan of new year, so this did the job for me. M&S, you have exceeded yourselves once again.



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